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Disposable Biopsy Forceps


Product Description:

Photo Model Specification Length For working channel
插图 (1)
QYQ-FA 1.8*(300-2500) Disposable biopsy forceps without PE coated,without spike,oval/alligator cup 300-2500 ≥Φ2.0mm
插图 (2)
QYQ-FA 2.3*(300-2500) Disposable biopsy forceps without PE coated,without spike,oval/alligator cup 300-2500 Φ2.8mm
插图 (3)
QYQ-FB 2.3*(300-2500) Disposable biopsy forceps without PE coated,with spike, oval/alligator cup 300-2500 Φ2.8mm
插图 (4)
QYQ-FC 1.8*(300-2500) Disposable biopsy forceps with PE coated,without spike,oval/alligator cup 300-2500 Φ2.0mm
插图 (5)
QYQ-FC 2.3*(300-2500) Disposable biopsy forceps with PE coated,without spike,oval/alligator cup 300-2500 Φ2.8mm
FD 2.3 (6)
QYQ-FD 2.3*(300-2500) Disposable biopsy forceps with PE coated,with spike,oval/alligator cup 300-2500 Φ2.8mm



1. Biopsy forcep is mainly used to sampling the living tissue of digestive system or respiratory system through the soft endoscopic channel for pathological analysis.

2. Sterilized product, no need to re-sterilize before use.

3. Product quality is highly guaranteed by production in clean room and strict inspection before delivery.

4. Coated with super-lubricious PE, effectively decrease the friction to endoscope channel.

5. The jaw of Disposable Biopsy Forceps is made up of medical-use stainless steel. Welded by laser, the joint is very firm.

6. Our products are certified by CE, ISO9001,ISO13485 and so on.

7. Moderate sampling and high positive rate. 

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